"A social and cultural lens to better understand this devastating problem that affects millions of families...I strongly recommend this book..."

“At last, Harman and Biringen have taken a social and cultural lens to better understand this devastating problem that affects millions of families. The examples they provide throughout the book, taken from in-depth interviews with parents from around the world, serve to illustrate the traumatic grief and struggles that I see every day in my practice working with parents who are alienated from their children. The authors provide an excellent analysis of not only the clinical implications of parental alienation on children, but the effects on the parents, extended families, and their entire social networks.  Parental alienation isolates children within one part of the family system and does not give children a chance to continue their relationships with the family as a whole. They also provide substantial support for why effective interventions addressing parental alienation need to work closely with social institutions (e.g., judicial systems), and how each and every one of us can do something to fix this problem. The book makes us think twice about whether a parent has abandoned his or her children or if that parent has been locked out of the children’s lives after divorce. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is a parent, knows a parent, or works with parents who are dealing with another who is distancing them from their children.”

Kathleen Reay, PhD., Founder and Director of the Family Reflections Reunification Program, Inc. and the International Institute for Parental Alienation Studies (IIPAS), Author of Toxic Divorce: a Workbook for Alienated Parents

"An engaging, provocative, and research-based book, with new answers and solutions..."

“After interviewing mothers and fathers from around the world, Harman and Biringen provide compelling new answers and solutions to a REAL social problem facing millions of families worldwide – parental alienation. They reframe parental alienation as a social and cultural problem, and help us recognize that we are all responsible for its prevalence and solutions. For anyone who is a member of a family – intact, divorced, or blended – I highly recommend this book!"

Dr. Terri Orbuch, author of 5 Simple Steps to Take Your Marriage From Good to Great, Professor at Oakland University, Research Professor at University of Michigan, therapist, and The Love Doctor®

"A Powerful Testimony..."

"I have long held that the growing problem of parental alienation is primarily systemic in nature, its driving force being an adversarial system that forces parents to denigrate each other in an effort to win the custody of one's children. This is an important addition to the growing research on the etiology of alienation, offering a sociocultural perspective through the eyes of the overlooked victims of alienation - disenfranchised parents and their children. In this meticulous analysis, Harman and Biringen expose the legal abuse and systemic victimization of parents who are forcefully removed from their children's lives by means of primary residence judgments. A powerful testimony that speaks to the urgency of needed socio-legal reform for the betterment of children and families."

Edward Kruk, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Work, The University of British Columbia, specialist in child and family policy.