"The book delivers a major, freshly researched, wide-angle, deeply-thought-through picture"

"Jennifer and Zeynep have given us a bridge across previously unbridgeable chasms. One is the gender chasm. Another chasm is between those experts through unchosen experience of PA – they get dumped in the deep end – and the rest of the unaffected world who pass by, blind, deaf, clueless, prejudiced or dismissive. complex systemic problem like PA does not have simple solutions. But the first step is to have a good description or map in your hands. This one opens lots of ways to talk about PA and lots of ways forward....Full referencing underpins what they say throughout. Their great achievement is the way they show Parental Alienation (PA) as something that affects society as a whole, not just individuals, couples and families – that we all have some work to do to make things change."

Nick Child, Retired child and family therapist, parental alienation expert and blogger for the Alienation Experience.