"A Powerful Testimony..."

"I have long held that the growing problem of parental alienation is primarily systemic in nature, its driving force being an adversarial system that forces parents to denigrate each other in an effort to win the custody of one's children. This is an important addition to the growing research on the etiology of alienation, offering a sociocultural perspective through the eyes of the overlooked victims of alienation - disenfranchised parents and their children. In this meticulous analysis, Harman and Biringen expose the legal abuse and systemic victimization of parents who are forcefully removed from their children's lives by means of primary residence judgments. A powerful testimony that speaks to the urgency of needed socio-legal reform for the betterment of children and families."

Edward Kruk, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Work, The University of British Columbia, specialist in child and family policy.